Stress at the Dentist: The Importance of a Relaxing Dental Environment

Despite advances in technology and more options than ever when it comes to dental care, many people are still stressed out at the thought of going to the dentist.

This is really unfortunate. Not only does it mean that when they do go, they have an unpleasant experience because they are so anxious about it, it can also mean they simply don’t schedule visits to the dentist in the first place. This is a recipe for disaster that almost guarantees they will only go once a problem is big enough – and painful enough – to necessitate a visit, at which point the treatment is likely to be more invasive and more expensive than it would have been.

For all these reasons, it’s very important to maintain a relaxing environment in the dental office. At our practice, we take special care to make sure that from start to finish, our patients experience a relaxing and stress-free visit where the focus is on their comfort and care.

Spa-Like Experience

When’s the last time you went to a day spa and had to talk to someone behind a sliding glass window? Never, I bet. We don’t have the standard sliding glass front desk at our practice, either. Instead, our patients encounter a greeter who offers refreshments, then they check in at a reception area that features a soothing fountain waterfall.

Many of our patients skip the clipboard, too, as we send out patient forms to a preferred email address earlier, so they can fill them out in the comfort of their home.

Comforting Waiting Room

We’ve worked hard to create a comfortable and relaxing waiting room for people to spend time in before they’re called to the back.

The reception area has a large screen TV (on a non-news channel; who needs that when you’re already battling stress?), free wi-fi and comfortable seating. You won’t find old magazines here, but a range of new reading materials for all ages. There’s a toy box in the corner with children’s toys that are cleaned every day. The entire area is clean, fresh, and soothing.

Non-Intimidating Treatment Rooms

There’s nothing like the sight of a large piece of medical equipment to cause stress in someone who has anxiety about the dentist. That’s why we try to keep medical equipment out of sight. Instead, the room has soft lighting and is tastefully decorated.

Warm, Friendly People

Another important factor in creating and maintaining the relaxing environment we’re after is the people. Everyone at Villanova Dental Studio is friendly and warm, ready to help our patients with anything they need to make their visit run smoothly. We spend a lot of time and effort throughout the year making sure every member of the team has the training they need to do their jobs well and to provide the level of customer service you’d expect at a five-star establishment.

Better Dental Care

Some people may consider all these things superficial and trivial, but I couldn’t disagree more. By creating a relaxing environment and keeping it clean and inviting, we’re telling our patients that we care about them and their experience. We know that many people still have anxiety over visiting the dentist, and we want to show them that there’s no reason to feel that way. Ultimately, by providing this kind of ambiance in our dental office, we’re able to provide the highest level of dental care, too.